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Est 2021
Welcome to Stolen Bike Registry. 

 We offer an easy access stolen motorbike registry for South Africa. Stolen Bike Registry was established in conjunction with Pretoria Bike Repairs.    

 In all the years, various strange and suspicious motorbikes have come our way.  
Once the unthinkable happens motorbike owners tend to post pictures of their stolen motorbikes on various social media platforms, but a few days later that post is gone, and the stolen motorbike is forgotten and there is no way for bike shops to search and check against suspicious bikes brought to them for repairs.  
This website was created as a platform where: 

1. Your motorbike pictures are stored in a database with all the relevant contract details.  
2. Stolen bikes reported will be posted per province and updates daily for shops to use as reference.
3. Any bike sales or repair shop can join the network for daily updates of stolen motorbikes in your area. 

What You Should Know


Once the unthinkable happened all you have to do is send an email or whatsapp notifying us.  
Your motorbike pictures with all the required details will be sent to bike shops country wide to be on the look-out for your bike.  
Pictures of your motorbike will be posted on the website for anyone that sees it to know where who to contact.  
Your personal contact details will be kept confidential and once confirmation has been received that the stolen bikes have been traced, you will be notified and then it is up to you to make contact with the repair shop to either collect your motorbike or contact the police. That way we keep everyone’s contact and personal information save.  
If your stolen bike is taken in for repairs, a bike shop or mechanic will have a centralised place to search for stolen bikes and can contact us and or phone the police. 

Subscriptions  :

The subscription is R500 per year.  
Once the payment is received your pictures and personal detail will be added to the database for safe keeping. This info will be kept confidential.  
You can subscribe by completing the form below and attaching your proof of payment together with at least 4 recent pictures of your motorbike. 2 from each side and one from the back showing the numberplate (if available). You must also include the VIN number (normally on the neck of the motorbike). 

If your motorbike is stolen, just send me a whatsapp: 071 753 1788 or send me an email: Conrad@StolenBikeRegistry.co.za and your motorbike’s details together with pictures and vin number will be listed and shared.

Please inform us via whatsapp:  071 753 1788 or email: Conrad@StolenBikeRegistry.co.za if your bike has been recovered, replaced or sold, so we ensure our data and database is as up to date and as current as possible.

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Conrad Deysel

Cel : 071 753 1788


Please make the payment of R500 per year to:
Ref Number: Your Cell Number
Send proof of payment to: Conrad@StolenBikeRegistry.co.za

Conrad Deysel
Branch code : 470010